Uncorking Stories of Land, Legacy and Love.


Every wine illuminates the unique story of its vintner’s vision and tradition, their winery’s land characteristics or ‘terrior,’ and the aging techniques for choices more 5,000 red and white grape varieties to produce a distinctive aroma, body, color and flavor.

It’s tall order for one bottle, achieved one sip at a time. Nancy applies her lifelong schooling in wine propagation to cultivating Ceia’s collection with the precision of a champion oenophile librarian– part historian, part agriculturist. She samples and tests new titles from vineyards all over

the world. Some of these producers are legendary, others are young vintners on track to be future best sellers. Nancy wants wine exploration to be an important facet of your experience at Ceia. She plans regular tasting events like Ceia’s Signature Wine Masters Dinner. On the strength of her reputation, revered winemakers grant Ceia’s guests rare by-the-glass tasting opportunities. Connoisseurs and the mildly curious can try a limited release vintage and know that odds are Nancy has tried to source it for your purchase at a neighborhood shop.