Jeremy Glover

Executive Chef

Ceia Jeremy GloverChef Jeremy Glover takes the same pride in cooking for you at Ceia as he would in his home. Either way, his plates reliably become part of his guests’ conversation. His ‘Europe meets New England’ culinary flair carries through Ceia’s artisanal breads, delicate pastas, savory braises, and entrées that fit his description of ‘comfort dining.’ Having cooked in exciting restaurant kitchens along both the Pacific and Atlantic northern coastlines makes him a bi-seacoastal chef in literal sense of that description.

Chef Glover says that Ceia’s emphasis on relaxed dining and sharing plates suits his style as an improvisational chef who enjoys it when a guest’s inability to choose ‘just one’ entrée means more adventuresome ordering, and more flatware. Known in our kitchen for his execution consistency, his talent for spontaneously developing new recipes from the day’s market or fish delivery often clears the path for a reprised menu offering based upon the enthusiastic reception by Ceia’s guests. Consuming ‘whole’ and ‘local’

food defines his approach to butchery and his commitment to sourcing foods from local farmers markets and CSAs, both for Ceia and for home. He feels there’s been a sea change in diners’ appreciation for chefs’ support of native food sourcing to ensure top quality and freshness while sustaining the livelihoods of these purveyors.

Although he was preordained to join his family’s multigenerational plumbing business, it was lessons of practicing a strong ethic and belief in the honor of hard work that Chef Glover says steers his flourishing culinary career. Still it was his family’s influence from an early age, namely observing both of his parents enjoying cooking together, that he cites as the spark for his eventual professional path.

Friendly, highly skilled and engaged in progressive attitudes about food, this culinary grad from New Hampshire Community Technical College retains his chef network and followings from both coasts. Diners from New England are likely to recognize Portsmouth’s Demeter’s Steakhouse, Cava Tapas & Wine Bar and the former Pesce Blue. He learned west coast cuisine in the kitchens of Campagne Restaurant in Seattle and Trellis in nearby Kirkland. When not at Ceia, Chef Glover shares a popular collegial pastime as a hobbyist brewer, the rewards of which he shares with friends when he and his wife host impromptu food and drink gatherings, which are routine.