The seamless collaboration between Ceia’s Executive chefs and owner ensures that complementary vintages are integral to recipe development.

Jeremy Glover

Executive Chef

Jeremy GloverChef Jeremy Glover takes the same pride in cooking for you at Ceia as he would in his home. Either way, his plates reliably become part of his guests’ conversation. His ‘Europe meets New England’ culinary flair carries through Ceia’s artisanal breads, delicate pastas, savory braises, and entrées that fit his description of ‘comfort dining.’ Bringing restaurant cooking…

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Nancy Batista-Caswell

Proprietor + Wine Director

Nancy Batista Caswell

Lucky are those for whom a career is a calling. They find their passion early, and relish in a lifetime of developing their craft for the enrichment of others.

Nancy’s homage to the treasured memories from her winemaking family’s supper table inspired her professional path and Ceia’s name. Beyond meals of celebration, her…

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